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What is it about the sun setting and sitting on the beach that just makes you want to get out a bongo drum and start jamming? Whatever the scientific explanation may be, if you gotta get your groove on, you gotta get to a drum circle. Hundreds of enthusiastic participants take part in these semi-organized events on the beaches of Vancouver, maybe it’s time you joined?

No experience is necessary, and all you need is a drum and the desire to have a good time. Or, don’t even bring a drum, just bring yourself and your dancing shoes (or barefeet) and groove to the rhythm of hundreds of hippies tapping and slapping their drums.

So, where can you go to get your bongo on? We’ve got a few ideas:

drum circle vancouver

Sunny Tuesdays at Third Beach

The “Brahm’s Tams Drum Circle” has been getting together since 2006 every sunny Tuesday in English Bay.

This family-friendly drum circle was created by the drumming community and continues to keep growing in popularity.

Meet at 3rd Beach in Stanley Park on Tuesday evenings and jam along with tons of other enthusiastic music-lovers. Simply bring yourself or any instrument that you desire.

Sunny Sundays at Wreck Beach

While pretty much every day at Wreck Beach has its own drum circle going, Sunday is the day that most people know of as the drum circle day at Wreck Beach.

Meet before sunset and watch that glorious, yellow circle sink into the horizon as naked people dance, bonfires burn, and bongo drums bang. Don’t forget to applaud the sunset after it’s gone down! Great work, sun! You earned it!

Start your own drum circle

Because drum circles are a bit hippy and free-spirited in nature, it’s very hard to track down any organized events. So, why not start your own drum circle? There used to be a regular one at Spanish Banks during the week, start that up again! Or, head to any beach that’s got a more relaxed culture (i.e. not West Van) and bongo your little heart out. Like a mating call, the beat is sure to meet other like-minded individuals who will come and find you.

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