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Meute’s Techno Brass Band Beat in Vancouver

By Craig Fleisch

House lights flicker. The room go’s dark. A rhythmic battering of bass drum enters the room. Suddenly a series of trumpets, shakers and the snap of a saxophone break the tension, the show lights dance while a stunning electronic beat begins to form as the music captures the audience’s attention into a world that is anything but mute.

This is MEUTE.

For those of you not familiar with the name, Meute are an 11 piece ensemble that both electronic music fans and live music aficionados can appreciate. Think Techno meets marching band. The music is unique and the concept is revolutionary.

Last Tuesday, April 5, Meute flew into Vancouver as part of the Canadian leg of their World tour, they did not disappoint. Vancouver’s Rickshaw Theatre played host to the band, housing a sold-out crowd to adoring and roaring fans.

What does Meute even mean?

Meute stands for pack in German. They got their start in Hamburg in 2015 as a glorified cover brass band playing their own interpretation on popular electronic tracks at the time; unique right? They garnered widespread success and notoriety when they released a cover of the song “You & Me” (Flume Remix) on YouTube. The video has amassed a whopping 52,710,575 views but whose counting? Their arrangements have earned them recognition from their original artists and to date they have released 3 albums.

Meute in Vancouver

Now that you’re up to speed on the history of the band, let’s fill you in on the evening’s festivities. As some of you may be aware there has been a slight *ahem* pause on concerts, well everywhere! But now that live music is steadily making its inaugural comeback, concert goers are ecstatic, and last Tuesday evening was no exception.

The room was filled with an energetic and a diverse crowd, ranging from hipsters, ravers, East Van dwellers, millennial’s and youthful Gen Z, all of which were happily represented. The energy in the theatre could be felt the moment the band stepped on stage. The stage itself could barely contain the sizeable ensemble; everywhere you looked there was another band member to grab your attention. Each member was adorned with matching bright red jackets. However, upon closer inspection, each jacket had their own personality and pieces of flair (eat your heart out Jennifer Anniston).

During the entire performance the band never stopped moving and grooving to their funky beats. Their energy was equally matched by the fans that seemed to have stored up and if in an instant released two years of pent up dancing into one epic evening. Admittedly, this was the first time seeing Meute perform live; they are hypnotic to see and thrilling to hear. Catch them as they head south of the border and play Coachella next week.   Discover tour details by visiting their website.

Evening Setlist:

  • Slip
  • Kerberos
  • Rej
  • Endling
  • Raw
  • You & Me
  • Boavista
  • Holy Harbour
  • What Else Is There
  • Araya
  • Infinite
  • Drum Solo
  • Man With T. Red Face
  • Mental Help


  • Peace
  • Hey Hey
  • Panda

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