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Most authentic international cuisine restaurants

Vancouver has a vast array of international restaurants that are really good. So if you’re looking to travel the world but don’t have the budget, this list is a great starting point to have a little food vacation from your typical go-to restaurants.

vietnamese in vancouver


If it’s good pho you’re after, check out Mui Ngo Gai on Kingsway and make sure to add in all of the extra ingredients that they offer you, including mints, Ngo Gai leaves, and bean sprouts.

Located at 2052 Kingsway, Vancouver | Open from 10am until midnight every night | website

dutch food vancouver


The Dutch Wooden Shoe located on Cambie Street is the best place for Dutch breakfast food. You may have walked by this restaurant before, as from the outside it looks like nothing special, but step inside and get transported to a kitschy little dutch cafe. Oh, and the hollandaise sauce is amazing, say no more.

Located at 3292 Cambie Street, Vancouver | Open from 8am – 2:30pm | website


For an authentic Mexican experience, try Salsa and Agave located Downtown. If you’re looking for something new to try, order the Azteca soup. Or just go for the always delicious tacos and Tostadas.

Located at 1223 Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver | 11am – 9pm (9:30 on Fri/Sat) | website

Also, if you’re looking for some good Mexican-American tacos, you’ve got to try La Taqueria, which has amazing little corn tortilla tacos in multiple locations across Vancouver. Or, Sal y Limon near Commercial Drive is also a very popular Mexican restaurant with authentic and tasty dishes.


Vancouver still doesn’t have a Jollibee, but if you’re craving some pancit, crispy pata, or sisig, your best bet aside from home cooking is PinPin restaurant, which serves up Filipino – Chinese cuisine.

Located at 6113 Fraser Street, Vancouver | open from 11am – 9pm | website

Honorable mention goes to Max’s Restaurant, which is very close to the real deal home cooking kinda flavour. Excellent fried chicken and pancit. Also, Aling Mary’s on Main Street has awesome Pandesol (buns), which are freaking DELICIOUS.

australian food in vancouver


No surprises based on the amount of Australians dining in this bar, but Moose’s Down Under on Pender has been ranked 98% authentic with Aussie beers, unique eats (kangaroo burgers & meat pies) and lots of Australian atmosphere.

Located at 830 West Pender Street, Vancouver | Mon-Thu 7am – 9pm, Fri 7am-11pm, Sat 5pm-11pm, Sun Closed | website

If you’re craving some NZ or Aussie pies, you may have to take a little road trip to Whistler – Vancouver’s little Australia, to check out Peaked Pies, which serves up gourmet meat pies topped with mashed potatoes, peas, and homemade gravy. Located at #105-4369 Main Street, Whistler | 8am-9pm every day | website

chinese food in vancouver


It’s no secret that Richmond boasts some of the best Chinese food in the Lower Mainland. According to an insider tip, the Parker Place Mall Food Court has some delicious Chinese food if you know which ones to go to (probably the ones with the longest lines). Or, check out the HK BBQ Master under the Richmond Superstore if you’re looking for some good Chinese BBQ.

Located at 4380 No. 3 Road, Richmond | 11am – 7pm | website


If you’re looking for authentic Persian food, North Vancouver is your best bet. Of the options, Zeitoon and Cazba are ranked the highest and both have locations in Vancouver & North Vancouver. Be sure to order the kebabs and if you’re feeling especially adventurous, why not try the drink called doogh…. It’s delicious…… we promise……

Zeitoon is located at 195 Pendrell Street, Vancouver and 1615 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver | website

Cazba is located at 1103 Davie Street, Vancouver and 132 16th Street, North Vancouver | website


If you’re on the hunt for authentic Chilean sandwiches, empanadas, fresh baked breads and pastries, head to La Panaderia Latina. They even have cans of Dulche de Leche if you’re craving some DELICIOUS creamy sauce for your freshly baked goods or desserts.

Hidden away at 4906 Joyce Street, Vancouver | website

indian food in vancouver


Your best bet for Indian food is always going to be in Surrey. If you’re looking for authentic Indian food in Vancouver that isn’t all about the Butter Chicken, think about trying Tasty Indian Bistro, right on the border of Surrey and Delta.

Located at 8295 Scott Road, Delta | 11:30am – 11pm | website


There’s a wide array of sushi or izakaya food in Vancouver due to its popularity, but if you’re after some good Japanese breakfast, try the Marulilu cafe on West Broadway. They’ve got great rice burgers and the always awesome Okonomiyaki! If you’re after sushi the top-rated Ajisai sushi restaurant in Kerrisdale can’t be beat.

Marulilu is located at 451 West Broadway, Vancouver | website

Ajisai is located at 2081 West 42nd Avenue, Vancouver | website


There can be only one! And in this case, it’s The One on Kingsway, just past Metrotown. It’s a great destination for bubble tea and hot pot. Or, if you don’t want to head to Burnaby, the always-busyCorner 23 on Cambie Street is another good option.

The One is located at 5908 Kingsway, Burnaby | website

Corner 23 is located at 4008 Cambie Street, Vancouver | website

peruvian food vancouver


When we travelled to Peru, the best meal came from a chain restaurant that served a plate of amazing rotisserie chicken for $5 (Holla Pardo’s Chicken!!). The closest thing you can get to that in Vancouver is likely at Silvestre Gusto Latino in Gastown. Try their rotisserie chicken or their chicharron sandwich.

Located at 317 Water Street, Vancouver | website

English (UK)

Okay, this one maybe shouldn’t be included on this list, but it’s hard to come by a good plate of English Fish n’ Chips, and one of the most authentic options is at Cockney Kings Fish & Chips in Burnaby. HUGE portions and they even wrap them up in newspaper!

Located at 6574 Hastings Street, Burnaby | website


Of course the French are all about fine dining, so we had to put Le Crocodile down as the most authentic French dining experience in Vancouver. Small portions that are rich, decadent and intriguing. It’s expensive, but so is a trip to France!

Located at 909 Burrard Street, Vancouver | website

We’re going to throw in Chambar in this section as well for their amazing Moules Frites.

italian food in vancouver


Ask for Luigi is a newer restaurant that has fast become one of the best places in Vancouver for Italian food. It’s a tiny place, so there are usually lineups to get in, but there’s a good reason why, the food is fresh, hand-made and delicious.

Located at 305 Alexander Street, Gastown | Open most days for lunch and dinner | website

The best authentic pizza in town is Via Tevere near Commercial Drive, where the pizza is cooked in a gigantic stone oven. They are mouth-wateringly good and melt in your mouth.

Got any other suggestions? Leave a comment if you can answer which restaurant/take-out place makes the most authentic food from your home country.

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