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Must-Try Vegan Restaurants in Vancouver

By Jennifer McKinsey

Vegan Restaurants to Try in Vancouver

There were around 460,000 vegans and 2.7 million vegetarians in Canada in 2019 and the number of people going meatless (or reducing their meat consumption) is expected to rise to an impressive 10 million by 2025. 

One way or another, you’re going to try it.

So here are the top vegan restaurants in Vancouver you’ll need to know.

1. Eternal Abundance

An organic grocer and a vegan café at heart.

Boasting a host of fresh produce and baked goods that satisfy those who love to dine out and those who love immersing themselves into dine-in home-cooked meals.

Try their quinoa waffles, spicy kimchi role, or burrito bowl for a bit of inspiration.

If you are a beginner at preparing vegan meals, a good place to start is with vegan meal kits, which contain all the ingredients and instructions you need to prepare colourful, delicious dishes boasting different textures, flavours, and colours.

2. M!LA

If Asian food tantalizes your palate like no other cuisine, then a visit to M!LA should be the next stop.

The dishes here, overflows with fragranced spices and refreshing, exciting herbs from various Asian culinary traditions. The fare on the menu is “elevated yet approachable,”

Featuring dishes such as ‘Chaat Salad’ (chaat masala dressing, kale, fried potato, grilled tomato, cucumber, red onion, lime, and papadums), and ‘Coconut Curry Noodles’ (a fragrant coconut curry with bean sprouts, fried crispy noodles, lime, gai lan, and radish).

M!LA has an über-cool patio where you can enjoy fresh cocktails with beautiful names such as Ramona Flowers, Ask the Dust, and Island in the Sun.

3. The Acorn

Super gorgeous establishment with a brand new curb-side patio where the colours and perfumed flowers take over. Inside there is an elegant dining room, where you can enjoy gourmet delights on the Chefs’ tasting menu – an impressive array of innovative, artistically prepared dishes identified mainly by their main ingredients – such as rutabaga, wild garlic, shoots, asparagus, and halloumi. Dishes are seasonal and specially selected by the Chefs to highlight the quality of local ingredients.

4. Chickpea

Head to this scrumptious, hearty bistro-style cuisine, if you’re in the feels for something ‘so cas’.

This restaurant was born with hummus in mind but Chef Itamar Shani began to explore beyond this traditional Middle Eastern dish, creating a medley of dishes inspired on this part of the world. After launching a successful food truck business, the team decided to launch their restaurant in 2017

Think hummus, chickpea fries, baba ganoush and more), falafels, shawarmas, kasums, hatzil baladi (flame-charred eggplant) delighting your palate.

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