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Paint your own pottery

Location: 3632 4th Ave W, Vancouver, BC
Hours: Monday – Fri: 11:00am to 7pm, Saturday: 11am – 6pm, Sunday: Closed
Phone: (604) 732-3312

Pottery painting in Vancouver is fun if you’re looking for a creative gift idea, a relaxing place to spend an afternoon, or just a place to get a little creative (without having to be TOO creative). It’s a fun idea for dates, group parties, or just a solo de-stressing situation.

There are a few pottery painting places in Vancouver, ranging in sizes and product types. The places are all slightly different, but the concept remains the same. You pick a basic pre-made ceramic piece, whether it’s a gnome figurine, the classic plate, or a teapot. Then you are given creative freedom to paint it as you will.

If you have a creative mind, this is where the fun starts. If you get painter’s block, time to start searching Google or Pinterest! Most places also have demonstration pieces for you to be inspired by (i.e. copy shamelessly).

paint your own pottery vancouver

The pottery to paint ranges from $14 (for mugs, plates, piggy banks, obese rabbit, etc…) to $40 (pitchers, large plates, teapots, etc…)

U-Paint I-Fire is a small little shop on West 4th near Alma (on the way to UBC) that’s a great place to spend a rainy afternoon. Create something unique and have some fun, leave it with the owner, and come back a few days later to pick up your awesome, custom piece! If you’re not in Vancouver, you can also check out Bella Ceramica in West Vancouver.

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