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Pemberton hot springs

Before the snow really hits Pemberton, one of the best places to take an extended road-trip to is one of the Pemberton Hot Springs locations. You’ve got some wonderfully natural choices to choose from that will offer you a sweet soak in a natural hot spring that has not yet been sold out as a tourist trap (although Keyhole is admittedly getting close).

If you’re planning on going to any hot springs, it’s generally a good idea to stay at a hotel in Whistler or Pemberton for the night. It’s a bit of a long haul drive from Vancouver (~3-4 hours per way). Or, if you’re feeling extra adventurous you could camp for the night.

keyhole hot springs

Keyhole Hot Springs

Please note: Keyhole is closed from April until November due to aggressive bear activity habituated to humans in the area.

Keyhole Hot Springs are very special and can become quite busy during the weekend, for good reason, this sight is amazing. Where else would you be able to sit in a natural hot tub, cool yourself off with river water, and stare up at the huge mountain ranges that surround you? Pure bliss.

If you do plan on going, pay attention to closures. Directions to Keyhole Hot Springs are located on the Whistler Hiatus website.

tsek hot springs pemberton

Tsek Hot Springs

The Tsek hot springs (also referred to as Skookumchuck Hot Springs) have evolved from what was once a rugged set of pools. Pronounced “chick”, Tsek Hot Springs has continuously been occupied and utilized by the St’át’imc people as an indigenous wilderness location to heal and cleanse the body and spirit.

The hot springs are open year-round and have been modestly developed today with ten working tubs and an adjacent campground between the hot springs and the Lillooet River.

It costs $7.50 to use the hot springs for the day, and $10+ for camping (first come, first served). More information is available at the Tsek Hot Springs website.

sloquet hot springs

Sloquet Hot Springs

A bit harder to get to, and a bit more secluded (sometimes), the Sloquet Hot Springs are another excellent option for getting your spa fix in the middle of the forest.

Sloquet Hot Springs is a wonderful, naturally formed hot spring located in the traditional territory of the Xa’xtsa First Nation who have been using the hot springs for generations and still to this day perform spiritual and cleansing ceremonies here.

The springs are located about 2 hours drive from Pemberton, BC within a BC Recreation site nestled in a valley with the beautiful Sloquet Creek running along the southern boundary.

Sloquet is majestic and a great opportunity to relax. Bring candles if you’re staying the night! Light them up around the hot springs for extra serenity. More information is available on the official Sloquet Hot Springs website.

If you do end up driving through Pemberton, make sure to stop at Mile One Eating House. They make amazing food!

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