Rent Cheque Amateur Stripper Night

If you’re looking for a wild night that may or may not include lots of topless people, Rent Cheque at The Astoria is the place for you. It’s a wild, raucous party where people get naked. Sound like fun? Continue reading! Otherwise, may we suggest taking a paint-your-own pottery class?

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, lets get down to business. Rent Cheque is a crazy, fun, and epic party that gets amateur strippers (ie. you?) on stage to dance their pants off in an effort to win cash MONEY.

Rent Cheque is hosted the last Friday of every month at The Astoria and is open to any gender, of any skill level (except no pros allowed), and any performance option you want. Feel like doing a crazy stripping / dance show? Go for it. Prefer a more subdued art performance-type thing? You do you, man!

If you’re thinking of performing ($500 for getting naked? Sweet!) you can RSVP with your stripping song of choice and you’ll get in for free and priority placing for your performance. Otherwise, if you’re just there for the show (and what a show it is!) cover is $5.

At the end of the night, the winner of the coveted first place prize is judged based on crowd response. So the bigger (and louder) your posse is, the more likely you will win!

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The night also has a topless dance party going on between performances, and costumes, props, creativity and excessive liquor consumption are highly encouraged.

Learn more about the rules, next scheduled events, and other cool stuff at the Rent Cheque Facebook page.

Don’t forget, men are also encouraged to participate! Celebrate boobs of all types, whether they’re man-boobs, little titties, or huge gazoongas!

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