HO HO HO-LY CRAP! Santacon, the drunk Santa bar crawl / Christmas-themed mayhem / “santarchy” event is coming back to Vancouver on December 16, 2017. SantaCon is an annual mass gathering in which people dressed in Santa Claus costumes or as other Christmas characters meet in the city and spread joy around town. And by joy, we mean “alcohol-fueled hi-jinks”.

santacon 2016 vancouver

The whole thing kicks off at Toby’s Pub (2733 Commercial Drive) and winds its way around the city, hitting several bars along the way. This is one event that won’t be hard to find on the day of the revelry. Just look out for the huge pack of people dressed in red and white, tumbling from pub to bar to stripper joint and shouting out “HO HO HO!”…

The idea behind the event is simple: dress up as Santa, (or his little helper), meet in a specific location and go on a festive pub crawl with hundreds of other people dressed just like you.

Check out the Facebook event page to officially RSVP to the event, but you’ll have to do a little digging or wait to find out where the start of the Santacon “parade”/pub crawl will begin. Or, follow the SantaConVan Twitter feed for details on tracking the group on December 16th.

Santacon 2017 Quick Details

When: Saturday, December 16
Time: Starts at noon
Where: Starts at Toby’s Pub on Commercial Drive
More infoFacebook event page

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  1. Jackson Smith

    Sanracon drunken pub crawl has no association with santarchy. Two separate groups.

  2. Santa Claus

    More than just a drunken bar crawl. We gifted and sang and frolicked the day away. Tinseltown Mall Santa had a surprise visit too!

  3. Jackson

    Santacon has become a stale annual repetition, it’s a devolving pub crawl trying to copy another group’s creation. It’s lacks originality and imagination. Same same each year.

  4. Jackson

    And some of the “hosts” were rather rude and condescending to others, not very Santa like. But I guess if you’re trying to control who helps with and attends, that’s a good way in which to do so.

  5. Santa Claus

    Jackson Smith puts the phony in cacophony and the ass in harassment. Lol.