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Secret Treehouse in Burnaby

The secret treehouse in Burnaby is actually incredibly easy to find if you know where to look. It’s not hidden down any dark paths, you don’t have to do any bushwhacking. It appears – suddenly – on the side of the Trans Canada Trail in Montrose Park, as a giant mecca that begs to be climbed.

A rickety ladder will take you to the platform in the tree that is absolutely covered in spray paint with insults, tags, and funny comments. Bring a sharpie or paint pen if you want to add to the madness.

Closer to the Second Narrows (Iron Workers Memorial) Bridge, this treehouse even boasts a nice view overlooking the water.

There are several ways to get to the treehouse. Cycling is the best. You can park in New Brighton Parking lot, head East along the path and end up underneath the Second Narrows Bridge, keep going and watch out for the treehouse on the North side of the trail.

Otherwise, park in Burnaby on Edinburgh Road or N Boundary Road, and head to the water’s edge. Again, follow the trail back to the Second Narrows bridge and keep your eyes peeled. The best part of this secret discovery in Vancouver is finding the Trans Canada Trail a very fun option for an afternoon of cycling. See how far you can take it! (It’s a bit gravelly, so road bikes may not be the best option).

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