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SNAG Live Painting Art Raffle

Art can get expensive. But, when your apartment walls are looking bare or your college dorm room posters just aren’t cutting it anymore, where can you get good art on a budget? Craft Markets are a great place to start, but those pieces can come with hefty price tags.

Enter: SNAG Live Painting Art Raffle. This monthly event occurs on the third Tuesday of every month at The American (926 Main Street).

The premise of SNAG is focused on the live painting aspect. During the night, local artists are set up around the bar with a canvas and their imagination. You’ll get the chance to see the full artistic process behind each piece. Whether it involves crying heavily, staring into the abyss, or working frantically to create something beautiful…

At the end of the night, each of these original paintings are given away through a raffle draw to some extremely lucky patrons. To join the fray, you’ll only have to pay $5 for five raffle tickets, $10 for 15 chances to win, and $20 for 40 tickets if you’re really desperate.

The raffle tickets fund the local artists putting on a show for you, and you’ll have the chance to score a piece of awesome art for as little as $5!

Sound too good to be true? It’s not, check it out on the third Tuesday of every month!

You can follow the SNAG Facebook page for their most up-to-date event listings.

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