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Snowshoeing at Night in Vancouver

Snowshoeing is not just a daytime activity, in fact – some people agree that snowshoeing at night is actually way more fun and also way less busy than during the day. While most people are snuggled away on their couch watching TV, you can be frolicking in the woods, being guided by the light of the moon…

If you’re looking for some ideas on where to go, there are a few BC Parks trails that are easy to follow with a headlamp. OR, you can join up with a group to snowshoe in the dark and get the bonus of enjoying some fondue at the end of your journey.

Okay with paying? There are several snowshoe tours available on each mountain, whether you’re into fondue, carrying a baby with you, or want to be dazzled by pretty lights in the trees. Below are some of our favourites.

Lights to the Lodge at Cypress Mountain in North Vancouver

When you really want it to feel like winter, head to Cypress Mountain’s Lights to the Lodge. Colourful lights are strung up on snowy ancient trees on this 1-km snowshoe to Hollyburn Lodge. Enjoy trekking through the snow and a well-deserved hot-chocolate at the lodge.

Lights to the Lodge is open from 4:00 pm to 9:30 pm, with the last time slot ticket sold at 8:00 pm. You can purchase tickets all the way to mid-March 2022. Adult tickets are $35 and require a RFID fee ($2.50)

Buy tickets to Lights to the Lodge here.

Full & New Moon Snowshoe Tours At Grouse Mountain

On select dates throughout the winter, you can explore Grouse Mountain after dark. Snowshoe guides will take you on a journey combining folklore and astrology whilst they lead you to their favourite sky viewing platforms. See stunning views of the city scapes and mountain wilderness. Some snowshoeing experience is required, including being comfortably able to walk and remain on snowshoes for 2 hours. Tickets are $35 each. Gondola lift ticket is also required.

Buy tickets to Full & New Moon Tours here.

Sunset Headlamp Hike at the Sea to Sky Gondola

Watch the sun set brilliantly over Howe Sound through a guided tour during weekend twilight hours. Reserve your spot for their Friday, Saturday and Sunday hikes, beginning at 4pm. Headlamps are included in the $10 fee, with snowshoe or Crampon rentals for an additional $5. Night snowshoeing is available until the end of February. Lift tickets for the gondola are also required

Buy tickets to Sunset Headlamp Hikes here.

Free Snowshoeing At Night

The #1 rule of snowshoeing at night is to always bring a headlamp. No headlamp? No fun. There are some great places for free nighttime snowshoeing in Vancouver that are nicely marked and require no admission ticket. They also offer awesome views of the sunset, so you can always hike up while it’s still bright out, enjoy a sunset, and then walk down in the dark.

1. Cypress Mountain

If you’re in shape: Black Mountain is a 7km hike starts with a big hill. You’ll be sweating by the time you get to the top! The journey is very easily marked with red poles (that conveniently have reflectors to help at night). The view at the top is stunning and stretches past Vancouver to the island. If you’re feeling lazy, bring waterproof pants or a garbage bag and slide down the steep parts (directions & more details).

If you’re looking for something easy: The Bowen Lookout trail is shorter but still a bit of a workout to get to the view. It offers a lookout over Bowen, which allows for a bit more stars to pop out. Like Black Mountain, the journey is marked with red poles. (directions & more details).

2. Mount Seymour

If you’re in shape: First peak is a great workout that takes a bit of grunting up hill to get to the ultimate pay off at the end. It’s got a great view of the lights of the city and is a fun trek next to the ski hill. This one may take you an hour or so and be careful at the top so you don’t wander out of bounds (directions & more details).

If you’re looking for something easy: Dog mountain is a very popular snowshoe, for good reason. The trail is relatively flat and it’s an easy hike for a great reward at the end. That being said, it’s also extremely narrow and can be popular. But, there are also a lot of dogs on Dog Mountain, so that’s fun! (directions & more details).

We’ve got other snowshoe options that are more day approved too. Check them out in our Free Snowshoeing in Vancouver list.

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