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Strolling into 420 clouds

Article by Carly-Rae

The Hazy Days

According to Steve Capper and Dave Reddix, the story of how “The Waldos” came up with the term “420” as a code for smoking marijuana started in the fall of 1971.

Image from The Waldos’ website

One of “The Waldos” had a connection to a Coast Guard member who had a map of a marijuana garden located near Point Reyes, just north of San Francisco. The group decided to meet at the Louis Pasteur statue at San Rafael High School at 4:20 PM to start their search for the garden.

Despite multiple attempts to find the garden, they were never successful, but the term “420” stuck as a code word for marijuana use among “The Waldos” and their friends. Over time, the term spread beyond their group and became part of the broader marijuana culture. In the 1990s, “420” was adopted by a group of Deadheads (fans of the Grateful Dead) who used it as a code word for smoking marijuana at concerts. The term continued to gain popularity and is now recognized as a universal code for cannabis culture.

Image from The Waldos’ website
Left to right: Mark Gravich; Jeff Noel; Steve Capper ; Dave Reddix ; Larry Schwartz
Video from The Waldos’ website

Nip it in the Bud

If you’re a newbie to the world of cannabis, let’s get you up to speed on the do’s and don’ts for a safe and enjoyable experience. Here’s some essential tips for first-time cannabis users, inspired by personal experience + advice:

Don’t play bartender with cannabis and alcohol

Mixing cannabis and alcohol can be a recipe for disaster, as it can lead to a terrible “green out” and an awful first impression of the plant. Keep things simple and avoid consuming alcohol before or during your cannabis use.


Do create your personal cannabis sanctuary

Choose a familiar and secure setting for your cannabis experience, where you feel at ease and can relax while exploring its effects. Being in a comfortable environment can make all the difference!

Do start with baby steps


As a beginner, it’s crucial to start with a low dose of cannabis and gradually increase it as you become more comfortable. Take one toke, see how you feel, and then slowly up the ante as needed.

Choose your cannabis adventure wisely

For first-timers, a vape or joint is the way to go, as it allows you to control the dose more easily. Edibles, on the other hand, can be an exciting option however it is more difficult to dose accurately. The effects can take longer to onset and can vary based on a number of factors such as body weight, metabolism, and the potency of the edible. As a result, some people may experience anxiety or confusion if they consume too much. It is generally recommended that beginners start with a low dose of edibles and wait at least an hour or two before deciding if they need more.

Embrace the therapeutic side of cannabis

Cannabis can work wonders for stress relief, sleep improvement, and reducing dependence on sleeping pills. So, explore the various strains and forms of cannabis to find the one that perfectly suits you and your needs.

The magic of cannabis-enhanced activities by amplifying one’s senses and inducing a sense of relaxation, cannabis can elevate activities such as hiking, yoga, or even creative pursuits like painting and music-making. Cannabis has the unique ability to transform mundane tasks and recreational pursuits into immersive, captivating adventures

So, feeling ready for 4/20 now? Whether you’re a newbie to cannabis or still canna-curious, I hope these tips have prepped you for a fun + enjoyable experience.

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The Slowdown

A Cannabis optional yoga class.
The Slowdown is designed to help you tap into your body’s needs, allowing the plant to soften your muscles and quiet your mind.
We go S L O W and breathe deep – whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned professional, this is not going to be like any typical yoga class. First we elevate (optional) and then we get to the stretching. With  Lofi, chillhop tunes guiding our breath + movements, we quickly forget about the rest of the world and find peace in our bodies and minds.

Carly -Rae

Carly- Rae is a contributing writer to Bored In Vancouver and the founder of The Slowdown. For upcoming dates, follow Carly- Rae @ordinarilyhonest.

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