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The Flint and Feather Trail

A steep and scrambly alternative to the Grouse Grind or BCMC trail, the Flint and Feather Trail is a quieter way to get to the top of Grouse Mountain. The trail itself takes a bit longer than the usual Grind, as it is a bit more rugged and sometimes harder to navigate. But, it’s got some rewarding views and interesting sections that make it a lot more fun than the typical slog up the mountain.

To get to the Flint and Feather trail, start on the Grouse Grind trail until you reach a small wooden bridge. Instead of following the Grind, turn to the right and follow a small unmarked trail. This serves as a connector between the Grouse Grind and the BCMC, follow it for less than 100 meters before you reach the BCMC trail. Turn left and follow the trail uphill.

flint and feather trail

A short distance after the connecting path, the BCMC trail makes a sharp turn to the right with a number of large red and white arrows pointing the way up. Instead of following the arrows, look straight ahead. There should be one or two blue tree tag arrow markers nailed to a tree, this marks the start of the Flint and the Feather. No other markers will identify the route, you have to follow it by the footpath alone.

Alternatively, skip the Grind all together and go up the BCMC trail (marked as Baden Powell trail after the Grind fence entry). Hike up the BCMC until you get to the junction outlined above.

Full details bout the trail with further direction information, statistics, and additional details can be found on the All Trails website.

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