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The Regional Assembly of Text: Letter Writing Club

Location: 3934 Main Street, Vancouver, BC
Hours: 7-9:30pm / Held on the first Thursday of every month
Phone: 604-877-2247

Think hard for a second and ponder the question, “When was the last time I received a letter in the mail?” …Not a credit card bill, not a “vote for the Conservatives!” letter, but a honest-to-goodness letter from a friend or relative?

Chances are never, or maybe years ago from a distant relative or grandparent writing to tell you Happy Birthday.

Letter writing has completely become a lost art and the world is a worse-off place because of it… it’s as simple as that. Until now!

letter writing club vancouver

Introducing the Regional Assembly of Text’s Monthly Letter Writing Club. A club where–you guessed it–you write letters! The event, held on the First Thursday of Every Month at 7pm has been around since September of 2005. Not only does this event allow you play around on old-school typewriters (so loud-so fun!), but you can also chat with like minded strangers, play with stamps, and enjoy tea and cookies for some much needed refreshment.

The event itself is lighthearted and welcoming, and takes place at the Regional Assembly of Text (3934 Main Street) an incredibly cute store that sparks joy from English Majors and Art Lovers alike. So, if you’re getting tired of texting and you think that the winky face smilie in your last email to your lover just didn’t cut it in the personalization department, head down to the Letter Writing Club and help bring back snail mail one loud typewriter at a time.

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