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The secret bunker at Lighthouse Park

Everyone’s seen that iconic photo of the lighthouse at Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, but if you’re visiting the park there’s also a secret bunker hidden nearby in the bushes that’s just as fun to visit.

The rusty bunker is located on the east beach at the Point Atkinson Lighthouse station and it once housed a searchlight. Now, the bunker houses some interesting graffiti and a cool little respite from the crowds in the park.

The park itself is fun to explore, but to get to the bunker – stay on the main trail to the lighthouse. But, when you see the bathrooms/houses, head to the left down to a little rocky beach area. This place is very popular with photographers taking engagement/wedding/family portraits.

Go down to the beach area. If the tide is low, you can easily navigate back along the beach to the lighthouse. You’ll stumble across the bunker on your way there.

If the tide is too high, there should be a little bushwacked trail behind the fence. Keep your eyes peeled.

You can actually spot the bunker on Google Maps, it’s the grey, D-shaped building.

Remember: don’t be a jerk. If you bring food/drinks, clean up your mess.

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