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Train Wreck Whistler: Outdoor Art Gallery

If you’re looking for an adventure that will take you away from Vancouver for a few hours, hop into your car (or check out Hitch Whistler) and head up the sea to sky highway for a walk through the woods that will get you to an amazing, awe-inspiring art gallery in the middle of the woods.

No, it’s not your typical art gallery. This one features local graffiti artists who have turned a train graveyard into damaged, decaying pieces of art. We’re talking about Train Wreck Whistler, an area that is now easily accessible via a suspension bridge and trail.

A short walk leads you to an area where a train was derailed just South of Whistler decades ago. It has been said that the cost to get rid of the destruction was too expensive, so seven train cars were left scattered in the forest. This unique destination has attracted hundreds of incredible graffiti artists, mountain bikers (you can even jump on top and over the train cars if you’re feeling daring), and hikers who are looking for a great photo op.

train wreck whistler

Getting to Train Wreck Whistler:

Previously, to get to the Train Wreck, you had to walk along the train tracks (which is dangerous and illegal). Due to the popularity of the hike, Whistler decided to create a dedicated trail to the site.

To get to the trail, turn right at the Function Junction intersection and drive east. Cross the small bridge and immediately turn right onto Jane Lakes Road. After turning right, drive about 500-meters to where there is a small road that branches to the left. The parking area is located to the left by this small road, next to a sign that reads “Train Wreck Parking”. The trail begins across the street next to a sign marking the Sea To Sky Trail. More detailed information is available here.

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