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Try a VR experience at Zero Latency: Zombies optional

Written by Stephanie Michelle Scott

Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality. – Nikos Kazantzakis

It’s an indoor adventure like no other

Zero Latency, a free-roam Virtual Reality with 52 venues across 24 countries which includes one in our hometown –  the only one in the west of the Rocky Mountain.

This 30-minute interactive event will get your heart pumping and transport you inside a 360-degrees story.

Still not picturing it? Imagine entering the Oasis as a character on the High Five hero’s team in Ready Player One.

Perhaps you’re new to VR games, or maybe you are obsessed with every on-market VR game. Our group was a mix of both, and in a post-game off-the-cuff review, our first thoughts were exhilaratingly joyful.

So first, let’s separate the experience of a VR world from the theme.

If you have your own VR device, you are likely familiar with the sensations and freedom of choosing where to look for clues and story triggers. You may have experienced VR in a 3-by 3-meter grid or from your couch where game choices are in front of you for the most part. 

Now imagine this VR experience amplified. 

The world is simply bigger, and your team might have to work together to advance through a maze of halls, bridges, and even a few surprise modes of transport. 

I must say, Zero Latency has mastered the fine art of interactive storytelling IRL (in real life). Take out the distracting real world, take out the physical limitations and become your assigned avatar created for you as part of a pre-game form. 

The headset, headphones, and portable VR harness are fully adjustable, and it soon disappears from perception. The speakers and headset allow you to communicate with all the players, even those temporarily taken out of your view by the maze.

Sporting comfortable equipment and maneuvering through each glitchless scene are moderated by staff to ensure you don’t miss a cue as you advance from one futuristic dome to another.

Themes, themes, and more themes

Now let’s talk about the decision that matters the most.

Which of the eight themes will you choose?

Consider this: It’s coming up to what some consider the best holiday of the year.

If you love immersion, and stories, and Halloween, then the theme you may choose is one including Zombies, known as “Outbreak Origins.”

Well, having tried it and being a little bit of a scaredy-cat, I’ll let you know it’s not one where you can casually wander and explore the world (although this theme does exist.) From the moment the story begins, your heart races, soon, sweat drips down your forehead as an endless stream of creatures move toward you.

Don’t worry.

You CAN handle it. Is it thrilling?

Oof, More than you ever thought it was possible for “just a game.”

Shout out directions to your team, find a vantage point with a clear view to kill, help each other out, scream if you need to. It quickly becomes your world. Be the victim, be the hero, be whatever you want it to be for you. 

You’ll find yourself thoroughly stimulated and leave a little empowered at your successes. 

Don’t be surprised that you’ll rebook for another adventure several times over the year or to liberate yourself of the grey winter rain in our favourite tech hub.

Engage your mind and your body. 

Book your next VR experience here and go get puzzling.

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