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Tunnel Bluffs hike near Lions Bay

The Tunnel Bluffs Hike just after Lions Bay is a fun and dog-friendly hike that’ll reward you with an amazing view at the top. While certainly not an easy hike (this hike has quite a long uphill stretch), it’s manageable and should only take 3 – 4 hours roundtrip depending on your fitness level.

Tunnel Bluffs is a great hike to kick off the season when higher alpine hikes are still covered in snow. While the trail is not too exciting, there are several viewpoints that give you an excuse to rest for a few minutes before beginning your climbing again.

Getting to the start of the Tunnel Bluffs hike will require a car. You’ll be driving the Sea to Sky Highway until after Lions Bay. There’s a lookout pullout on the west side of the highway. If you’re coming from Vancouver, you’re going to have to pass this lookout and drive a bit further to a gravel pull out. Then comes the scary part – pulling a U-turn on the Sea to Sky… no easy feat!

After you’ve turned yourself around, you can head back to the lookout area pullout. There are only 20-30 spots available, which fill up quickly. So you’ll have to get there early or arrive when someone else is leaving. Otherwise, you may have to get more creative with your parking spot.

Once you’ve parked, you simply have to run across the highway like a frantic deer, and plunge into the forest. Look for the yellow marker affixed to a tree. From there, keep climbing up and up until you reach the top!

Once you get to the top of Tunnel Bluffs, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning view towards Bowen Island and the Sunshine Coast as well as south to Horseshoe Bay and along the Sea To Sky Highway.

Much more detailed information about the trail is located on the Vancouver Trails website.

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