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Turn your reject clothes into cash at Front and Company

It’s raining, it’s the weekend, you’re bored, and you don’t have anything to do. There’s nothing going on that interests you, and you just feel like laying around in bed dreaming about living in sunny California.

Sound familiar? It’s time to get your butt in gear and start making some money! What? Huh?

Go into cleaning frenzy, dump all the clothes that you hate, used to love, never wore, are too small, etc… and put them in a gigantic pile.

Clean up all that new found space in your closet and stuff your reject clothes into a bag. Then head to Front and Company, the coolest damn place on Main Street.

You may have been in there before, hunting for a bargain, buying ridiculous cute house accessories, or picking up the last pair of Native Shoes in Vancouver. In any case, this store is going to pay you (maybe) for those reject clothes that you don’t care about any more. Because somewhere out there, somebody else would love that ugly sweater with cat print!

(Check out their list of consignment guidelines before heading down there with three duffel bags full of old clothes.)

After you drop off your clothes, you’ll get put into their system and given an estimated time of when to check if your clothes have been sold. After that estimated time, head back to Front & Company, pick up any cash you may have made from the reject clothes, and celebrate!

FREE MONEY!!! You might as well pick up that awesome sweater while you’re there, or that funny salt and pepper shaker… Or you could be responsible and take your money, go home, and put it in a jar for another rainy day…

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