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Twilight Drive-in Movie Theatre

In Metro Vancouver, it takes just 55 minutes (give or take) to take a trip back in time… to the Twilight Drive-in Movie Theatre, that is!

The Twilight Drive-in Movie Theatre is exactly what you’d expect, a chance to watch a popular movie in the comfort of your own car. This location in Langley was even featured in Netflix’s popular series Riverdale.

It’s one of the few remaining operating drive-in theatres in Canada and one of only three open in BC. For over 15 years, Twilight Drive-in Theatre has been open for business, running from late winter to late fall.

Just because the theatre is a relic itself doesn’t mean it relies on old classic movies. You’ll likely show new or recent movies, check out the coming attractions for full details.

Worried about rain or snow cancelling the outdoor movie experience? No worries, Twilight stays open regardless of the weather conditions. Also, you’ll be tuning into the movie on your FM dial, so if your car doesn’t play radio when it’s off, don’t forget to bring a small radio. You can find answers to all the burning questions you may have about the experience on the detailed FAQ.

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