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Urban Source Alternative Art Materials on Main Street

Location: 3126 Main Street, Vancouver, BC
Hours: Mon – Sat: 10am to 5:30pm, Sun: 11am to 5:30pm
Phone: (604) 875-1611

Urban Source Alternative Art Materials, located near 16th and Main is the kind of place that makes you really want to start crafting. You walk in, looking for some ribbon to wrap a present, and you walk out with bits and bobs and dreams of creating something cute.

Urban Source is quite a small store, but the amount of stuff they manage to cram into their store will surprise you! They’ve got bins and bins of fun stuff that could keep any crafter or artist interested for hours. Because most things are sold in bulk, it eliminates having to buy a whole package of googly eyes when you only want one pair (surprisingly, a common problem.)

The store is also very child-friendly, with bins placed at lower heights for kids to get excited about arts & crafts.

Urban Source’s prices are great. You can go in looking for some more glitter, and end up only paying $1 (at Micheal’s the same thing was $5.99!). You can also buy things based on bag sizes with prices ranging from $6.25 (small) to $19.95 (huge).

Some of the stuff they sell include: test tubes, ribbon, cardboard, film, wrapping paper, boxes, card stock, scrap, foil, and much much much more.

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