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Vancouver food challenge: The Beast Burger at the Cannibal Café

Location: 1818 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC
Hours: Typically open from 11am until 10pm, on Fri & Sat open until midnight.
Phone: (604) 558-4199

For those of you who can handle greasy food without a bottle full of Pepto Bismol, this challenge is for you. Cannibal Cafe, the popular burger bar on Commercial Drive (and now located in Downtown) offers an eating challenge of epic proportions.

If you’re bored with eating a regular burger, why not challenge yourself to: The Beast Burger!

The beast burger consists of: SIX 6oz patties, SIX double cheddar slices, and SIX double bacon strips. (Get it? 666!) Plus two pickles, because you need your vegetables…

If you’re able to finish this monstrosity of a meal in 30 minutes or less you win a t-shirt, get a photo on the Wall of Fame, and the burger’s free. Eternal glory is better than an evening of intense heartburn!

If you think you can handle the beast, you’ll have to make plans because you have to contact the location you would like to try it at before you actually show up. Check out the Cannibal Cafe website for more details.

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