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Vancouver food challenges: Flatliner Burger at the Hog Shack

Location: 160 -3900 Bayview Street, Richmond
Hours: Open 7 days a week from 12pm – 9pm
Phone: (604) 272-7264

For a big slice of America in good ol’ Richmond, why not head down to Steveston for an evening of stuffing your face with huge slabs of slow-cooked BBQ at the Hog Shack…

The Hog Shack has become famous for a few things: their Burnt Ends, and their Flatliner burger challenge.

What is the challenge? To eat a piled-high plate of french fries as well as a burger consisting of two grilled cheese sandwiches, heaps of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and double burger patty in between it all. Oh, and you have to eat it all in 5 minutes — then you get it for free!

Only a dozen or so people have tried to conquer the Flatliner Burger, and only a few people have succeeded.

Even if you don’t want to shove the whole thing down your gullet in five minutes, the Flatliner Burger is an interesting thing to try, just for the shock value of the waitress placing your plate in front of you — it’s like a piece of art. Meaty, cheesy art.

Do you think you could manage to finish the Flatliner in five minutes?

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