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Volunteer to foster a kitty from Vokra

Cats are funny creatures. They love you, they hate you, they puke under your bed… and they star in thousands of YouTube videos that boast over four million views.

Luckily for cats in Vancouver, Vokra (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association) is a top-notch organization that traps, neuters/spays, and arranges adoptions of previously unloved cats & kittens. Best of all, unlike other organizations, Vokra doesn’t keep the cats waiting for their “forever homes” in cages. They rely on a network of loving fosters who take these cats & kittens into their homes and help to socialize/train/love the animals.

And guess what, you could be a loving foster too!

Whether you’ve always wanted a cat (but didn’t want the huge commitment), you’re looking for a cat, or you just want to meet as many cats as humanly possible, fostering for Vokra is a great experience.

Being a Vokra foster takes all the hard stuff out of being a cat owner. They give you food, they give you litter, they give you a cat… You just get to play with the cat, make the cat chase the laser pointer, clean up the cat poop, teach it to come out of its shell, feed it daily…

Then… someone adopts the cat. And you get a whole new cat. (UNLESS YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH THE CAT AND ADOPT IT YOURSELF). Being a Vokra foster volunteer is a great way to help cats & kittens find a new home, and it’s a fun/selfless way to get to hang out with cats all the time.

Just a word of caution, you are going to get attached to these kittens and cats. Letting them go may be one of the harder things you do in your life, but ultimately it’s incredibly rewarding. Also, not every cat is going to be a perfect angel. Expect a few crazy ones to come through your door, but coaxing them into some degree of normalcy is sometimes a lot of fun!

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