Weekly Trivia Nights in Vancouver

If you’ve got a hankering to test your brain, drink some alcohol, and try and win some sweet prizes, weekly trivia nights in Vancouver are really your best bet. Vancouver actually has quite a few trivia nights happening every night of the week all around town. Here’s all the trivia nights we could find, so start flexing your brain and test your trivial prowess!

Note: we try and keep this list up-to-date, but if something has changed, let us know!


  • Monday night pub trivia at the Bimini – Starts at 7pm every week – $12 burger & beer, $5 Jameson, $4.25 granville island sleeve – hosted by Nice Guys Trivia.
  • Cove Quiz – Starts at 8pm, located in Kitsilano
  • Get Stumped at the Junction – From 7:30-10:30pm on Davie Street – $3 drinks, $4 beers, general knowledge, name that tune, picture trivia, teams of 5, join up with another team if you’re by yourself.
  • Quiz Place at Displace – Weekly at 8:30pm in Kitsilano – $4 pints, ½ price wings
  • Woo hoo! Simpsons Trivia – Monthly at 7pm at the Waldorf Hotel – $5 for entry. 3 rounds of questions with classic Simpsons episodes in between rounds. Questions come from seasons 1-9 only. VERY popular – come early.
  • Trivia at The Portside – Tons of great prizes, $10 food menu, crazy good drink specials, and a host that will keep you laughing all night long. 8pm every Monday.




  • Trivia Night at Samesun – Weekly at 9pm at the hostel. A younger crowd makes for a rowdy night of trivia.
  • Weekend Warmup Trivia – Weekly at 9:30pm at Yaggers in Kitsilano. Win beer, swag, gift certificates and more
  • Pub Trivia at Tavern – 7pm – $18 buckets of Banquet, $5 Jameson – Hosted by Nice Guys Trivia and CFOX’s Ed Garcia


  • Quiz night at East Side Craft House – The game starts at 7:30 with three rounds of 15 questions, but you might have a hard time finding seats after 6:30.
  • Friday Quiz in Vancouver – Weekly at 9pm at The Park at English Bay – 40 challenging questions with the chance to win gift certificates. Entry is $3 per player.


  • Music Bingo at East Side Craft House – Weekly at 8:00pm – While not technically a trivia night, this will keep you on your toes trying to guess which songs are playing. Free with gift certificates and beer being given away.


Pub nights change frequently, if you have any updates or anything to add leave a comment or email us at!

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