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What the frolf: Disc golf in Vancouver

If you want to add a little challenge to your next walk in the park, we suggest giving disc golf in vancouver a try! Never heard of it? Disc golf, also known as frisbee golf or “frolf”, is a hybrid of golf and ultimate frisbee… Typically played in a forest or in a park and usually best enjoyed with a beer in hand.

The goal of disc golf is to get a smaller, heavier frisbee-type disc into a basket with as little throws as possible. It’s challenging and kind of addicting, plus much cheaper than playing a real game of golf. Want to give it a try? Check out some of the disc golf courses in Vancouver:

jericho park disc golf

Jericho Hill

Location: 4196 West 4th avenue (across from Jericho on the South side of West 4th)
# of holes: 9 holes
Difficulty: Challenging

This course is a fun, yet challenging place to hang out for a game of frolf. It’s got a hillside layout with large trees and grass fairways, so it’s a beauty to play. There are also spectacular views of the city, mountains, and ocean. There are few signs on the course, so make sure to study the map at the board by the 1st tee. (more info)

queen elizabeth park disc golf

Little Mountain (Queen Elizabeth Park)

Location: 5150 Ontario St, Vancouver, BC
# of holes: 9 holes
Difficulty: Moderate

Located next to the pitch n’ putt golf course, the Queen Elizabeth Park disc golf course is a fun place to get your skills warmed up to the game. The holes are relatively short, but there is one challenger that will have you throwing over the water. (Hint: want a new disc? How about going swimming!?). It’s a good place to pass the time if you’re not looking for anything too challenging. (more info)

disc golf in vancouver

Quilchena Park (33rd and Arbutus)

Location: 1841 West 33rd Avenue
# of holes: 12 holes
Difficulty: Moderate

A great course to practice your long throws! Quilchena Park is a fun and free place to play frisbee golf, but you may have to deal with walkers interrupting your play as the course generally follows the walking path around the perimeter of the park. The course is well integrated into the landscaping of the park and the holes are quite diverse, so you’ll get lots of practice with different throws. (more info)

Grouse Mountain

Location: On top of Grouse Mountain
# of holes: 18 holes
Difficulty: Challenging

The course with the best views in the city! After the snow melts, the ski runs are converted to a fun 18-hole disc golf course that’s open from 9:00am until dusk. Somewhat challenging, but worth it for the views alone, the Grouse Mountain disc golf course is a great introduction to the game because its well-marked, fairly open, and lots of fun. The only downside to this course is you’re going to have to pay to access it – it’ll cost $45 if you take the tram. Or, hike up the grind and get there for (almost) free – just remember the $10 trip down. (more info)

disc golf pender island

If you’re willing to travel

Sometimes the best places are further away from home base… These are a few of some of the best disc golf courses just a relatively short distance from Vancouver:

  • Golf Island Disc Park (Pender Island) – An amazing disc golf area that has multiple courses that vary from easy to challenging. You’ll fall in love with the sport here! (more info)
  • Whistler Disc Golf Course – 27 baskets in a beautiful course layout on a mini mountain close to Whistler village. Short holes but still challenging. (more info)
  • Langley Passive Park – A “legitimate disc golf course”. There are long drives, challenging basket placements, and a great mixture of hole types. (more info)

Know of any other fun disc golf courses in Vancouver? Let us know in the comment section!

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