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Meet Vancouverite, Geoff Scoates

Geoff Scoates - Vancouverite to meet

Geoff Scoates loves to run, and he loves craft beer. So why not then create a social club where you can do both? Now in its second year running, The Social Run Club has become a regular fixture along the sea wall where beginners and advanced runners alike meet three times a week for a 30-minute jog and drink afterwards. As it grows in popularity, (with over a hundred on the subscriber list) Geoff’s main priority is to create an active community where everyone can feel welcome. With more run/cycle/bootcamp activities planned for 2021/2022, we felt Geoff was our Vancouverite-You-Need-To-Meet for the month of November.

A secret that many might not know about you…

I was on a national Japanese TV Show

A Van-RAIN-couver Must Essential in your closet

In Vancouver, clearly an umbrella that can fit in my bag. You never know when it’s going to rain.

What do you love most about in Vancouver?

“The Seawall + the natural beauty. We are so blessed to have such a great places to run around”

Geoff Scoates

Your guilty pleasure

After a long run, nothing beats a nice hot bath with epsom salts.

Your favorite secret rendez-vous

East Van Roaster in Gastown. Lovely social enterprise and they make amazing chocolate!

Name the best neighbourhood in Vancouver, according to you and why

Mount Pleasant. I love all the breweries there, so much so that last summer we did a Summer Brewery Run Series there.

Tell us more about The Social Run Club

Social Run Club’s themed Hawaiian Run got everyone to dress up and have fun while being active

I started it a few years ago after an injury prevented me from doing more serious runs. But I still loved the feeling of getting out and getting my heart rate up. I planned a run where I was going to dress up in costumes with my friends. Everyone loved it and so I started my Instagram @socialrunclub.yvr to invite anyone to join. From there it really took off and keeps growing.

Social Run Club is a run club that focuses on easy social and fun runs. We run for less than 30mins and 3-5K. At least once a month we’ll do some sort of themed run, whether its a Run Scavenger Hunt, a Toga Run or an 80’s Style Bootcamp Circuit (coming up Nov.13). Our goal is to help people build consistent easy run habits.

Check our website for events online to see what we’re doing next and to sign up for our email list. It’s all free and every week there is something different!

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